Large stilt walkers, living statues, clever juggling, clowns joking, unicyclists, a three legged man, jesters, and a lot more besides.

Zoot has a range of walkabout characters who interact with individuals and small groups bringing laughter, astonishment and fun to all corners of your event or venue.

Large, loud, and lurching (in high winds). Come with quick wit and broad smile as standard. They get around well and are highly visible, which makes them ideal for most events, parades and painting ceilings. Not great in electrical storms.

Equipped with a hat and small suitcase, and riding a unicycle, Herbert Dinkum will wobble, juggle, fumble, fiddle, twiddle, tumble and wobble some more, to the delight of those around.

Two legs good, Four legs bad, Three legs... Meet Horace, the Robin Reliant of the entertainment world, adding another dimension (or at least another leg) to the ancient human custom of walking.

Bernice & Mathew. Unplucked, live and acoustic. Touring the land with their friendly and feathery combination of tap dance, turkey talk, and tales from their years in show business. Wandering entertainment and short static shows from two charasmatic birds who are stuffed with exuberance.
Turkey Lurkey

Years of experience leave zoot well placed to create or locate a wide range of walkabout entertainment. So if you don't see what you're looking for then please call. We may well be able to help

" I would like to thank you for your magnificent performances yet again at the 'Christmas Gladstone' event. Your contribution is undoubtedly one of the most popular with all our visitors!"


Zoot retains intellectual copyright of all images within this site. Some images are available in print quality which you are welcome to use in publicising events at which we are performing.